Remote Web-Based

Pacemaker Monitoring


If you have an implanted heart device, ongoing care doesn’t end at the implant. One of the best ways to maintain connection with you doctor is through remote monitoring. Remote monitoring is a way for your implanted heart device to communicate with your doctor or clinic using a small monitor, reducing the number of times you have to travel to your clinic for a device check.

Benefits of remote monitoring include:

  • Helps doctors detect heart issues/problems faster
  • Reduces hospitalizations and ER visits
  • Provides patients with a sense of security and peace of mind
  • Safety and convenience for the patient
  • Not only does remote monitoring allow your doctor to monitor your heart’s activity, but they can also see if anything unusual is happening with your device

What to Expect

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Remote monitoring is prescribed by your doctor. It provides easy access to information that allows your doctor to:

  • Manage your heart condition
  • Monitor your implanted heart device
  • Obtain information from your implanted heart device or on an as-needed basis

Information from your heart device goes straight to your clinic. Your doctor will be alerted if there’s a concern.

  1. The clinic will schedule dates for the patient to send information from their device
  2. Device information is sent automatically or manually by the patient
  3. Device information travels from the remote monitor to the clinic. A transmitter syncs with your pacemaker, collecting data about your heart’s activity such as its rate and rhythm, as well as data about the device itself.
  4. The clinic reviews the device information on a secure website


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Can I travel with my device?

Generally, traveling with your pacemaker is easy and safe. Plan in advance and communicated with your doctor beforehand.

What if my device’s battery starts to run low?

When your device’s battery starts to get low, it will give you plenty of warning that you doctor can detect and discuss with you during follow-ups in the office.